Welcome to the open source initiative goJTAG™! The networking founded by Tallinn University of Technology and TU Ilmenau as well as the Company Testonica Lab pursues the goal to provide the industry JTAG/Boundary Scan tools and knowledge based on an independent and non-commercial platform, sustainably accelerating the wide adoption of standardized IEEE 1149.x test methods. The centre piece of GOEPEL electronic’s engagement as Sponsor Member is the provision of hardware and respective reference designs.

goJTAG is the first university-driven open-source project aiming at providing a full package for a JTAG newcomer including training materials, slides and exercises. The software includes a simulation component that fully illustrates the underlaying concept of JTAG/Boundary Scan. The user can directly step-wise control the test features of IEEE 1149.1 compliant devices and observe a system's reaction in a real time in an on-screen simulation. Using a PicoTAP controller (to be ordered from GOEPEL electronic) , all actions can be applied to a unit under test (UUT) it is connected to. Such a fine-grain illustration of JTAG test principles has not been possible until now.